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EGYPSCO is a leading company in piping & pipeline repair using Composite Repair Systems and Online Leak Sealing. In addition to its great experience in supplying Tank Equipment, Internal Floating Roofs, External Floating Roof Seals, Floating Roof Rain Drain Systems, Control & Instrumentation Cables and Chemicals (Surfactants) to various industries.
Our Vision
Our Founders’ vision is simple and consistent throughout the years.
Behind this vision, the team follows these simple important principles:

  - We always do what’s best for our customer.
  - We adopt the latest technologies mandated by each customer.
  - We establish value based partnership with both industry partners and customers.
  - We will consistently deliver quality solutions, on-time and within budget.
Our Mission
  - Seeking to provide customers with the most economical cost effective required solutions.
  - We measure our success by our customers’ success.
  - Our passion to ensure that everything we do provide a great value to our customers.

The above vision and mission are living statement for all EGYPSCO management and employees. Everyone believes that we are in the market to continue growing and winning excellent reputation.